SEESCAPES is a short hybrid documentary by Geetha J with animation by Barbara Creutz Pachiaudi & original music by Prasanna

 World premiere at the International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, India, in July 2014


India | 2014 | 10mins | HDV |
English, Hindi, Tamil, Odiya with English subtitles


Three boys. Three conversations. Three visions.

Hybrid documentary Seescapes uses documentary footage with an imagined animation and expressive music to convey what visual memory means to three boys from India.

Seescapes takes you into the world of Sai from Chennai, Anant from Bhubaneshwar and Darpan from Baroda. Sai is slowly going blind. Anant used to see faintly but is now totally blind. Total blind Darpan has no memory of seeing.

Seescapes listens to their intimate conversations as Sai speaks to his blind sister, Anant to his coach and Darpan to his parents. It ends with a question directed to the Director.

An AkamPuram Production
© AkamPuram, 2014.